Save Time with an Aqua Genie

Wish you didn’t have to spend so much time cleaning your pool?

You can put your swimming pool nets back in the shed. The Aqua Genie uses a pressure chamber to drive water downward after it has been filtered. This constant current of clean water prevents dirt and debris from settling to the bottom of the pool, while at the same time forcing leaves, insects, pollen, dirt and oils directly into the skimmer. As an added bonus, the constant water circulation means that your pool water will remain at a constant temperature from the surface of the pool straight to the bottom.

Imagine a system that allows you to vaccum less often and without even getting your hands wet! This wish becomes reality by attaching your vacuum hose to the Aqua Genie vacuum plate and dropping it over the leaf basket. And because the debris will then be trapped in the leaf basket, there will be no need for frequent filter shut-downs to clean the trap! Also, our leaf baskets are designed to be oversized and anti-clogging so they never starve the pump, even at low water levels.